Artist Statement

During all the years I have studied art and design, I received only a one-time opportunity to work with oil paint. I was enchanted by its charms, and ever since I have been researching and experimenting with oil paint and what it allows me to express.

Over the years I developed my own method of working with oil paint: using pieces of cloth, I lay expressive strokes of paint on the canvas. I use a wide range of colors, each color having a different degree of transparency and opacity. In addition, I dilute the color with turpentine, thus increasing the effect of transparency and thinness, taking advantage of the various qualities of the material to create contrast between the colors and layers (thin - thick, transparent - opaque, etc').

To avoid mixing between the layers I wait until the paint is fully dried before placing another layer. It takes several days, depending on the color, the thickness of the layer and the weather. I work on several paintings at the same time. sometimes they come in pairs or a series of the same size or format, which undergo similar treatment (at least at the beginning of the process). Sometimes I add additional materials to the painting, such as gold leaves.

I see myself as an abstract painter, although if and when an object emerges and reveals itself I embrace it with pleasure. In my paintings I do not attempt to create an illusion of depth, but there is a dialogue and tension between the multiple layers of color, which creates depth of a different kind.

My paintings are about the movement of color on the two-dimensional plane of the canvas, and the way the light hits the canvas and returns to the viewer's eyes.

Painting for me is the attempt to reach harmony and build a gateway to a spiritual world, by using a language of light and shadow, a language that is beyond words and images.